Paper Submission

The 4th ICCIS Committee invites papers on related subthemes from all disciplinary backgrounds. The paper shall consist of an abstract, a brief author’s bio, a 4000-4500-word presentation of ideas/research findings (excluding abstract, references, and appendices), and a bibliography.

The paper shall be submitted online via the 4th ICCIS OCS (Open Conference System) website: by the due date of May 15, 2017 Extended to June 15, 2017 in document (.doc) format. Accepted papers will be announced on June 15, 2017, for those who submitted within the original deadline of May 15, 2017. Papers that are submitted withinin the extended deadline time will be announced on June 30, 2017.

Selected papers will be published in Scopus-indexed proceeding or journals.

Paper shall be written in English. Presentation could be conducted either in English or Mandarin or Indonesian. Presenters are expected to prepare a 15-minute Powerpoint presentation in English.

This is the outline on how to register in this symposium:

  1. Prepare the paper according to our rules of writing.
  2. Create account at OCS (
  3. Submit the paper through OCS (
  4. If the paper is accepted, please pay for the registration fee.
  5. Make revision (if any) as suggested by reviewers.

The submission and review process will be done through OCS (Open Conference Systems). Please click on the button below: